Product Care

Whilst natural veg tan leather is very durable and ages well it is important to take care of your goods over time! Dirt and oil from your dog can build up and if left it may begin to damage the leather. As with any leather product, colour fading may be expected slightly and leather will naturally soften and darken over time as the air, light, oils do their work. We recommend cleaning your leather accessories using the following steps (or sooner if your dog has jumped into a muddy puddle).

  1. Dry brush any dirt and then remove any remaining dirt using a damp cloth.

  2. Use a good quality leather conditioner/oil to replenish the leather.

Avoid getting leather products wet where possible, Nala and me products are not designed for swimming and full water immersion. When products do get wet, dry with a cloth and leave to dry naturally on a flat surface.

Please always check your dog collars for signs of wear and tear, it is your responsibility to ensure the suitability of products for your pet. Look after your products and they will look after you and your pooch for a long time!